~DotPDF Series~

A collection of readings that we're excited to present to the South Florida community, featuring work from playwrights all across the country. As well as work from local actors to bring them to life!

Magical Girl Play by Emmy Kuperschmid

Dakota is 28 years old, working a desk job in a city when she finds out her magical destiny: she's the Warrior of Light and Justice chosen to save this world from darkness. Discovering you're a hero may be thrilling, but can you fight evil by moonlight while still making it to the office by 8am?

We're Here by Megan Rivkin

Two strangers meet on a sidewalk in Midtown and become stuck - This play is about strangers, New York, what we owe to each other, what connects us, and deals with wealth, queerness, and love.

Have you seen Boomer? by Robert Kerr

Jess and Marc are trapped in a tragicomic martial purgatory, seemingly doomed to relive the same few minutes before dinner over and over for all eternity in a house that's not there. 

Agora by Cary Pepper

When merchants offer it all, are you willing to pay the price for what you want?

Fearmonger by Maleeha Naseer

Sometimes your body is a temple. Other times you keep your body up till 4:38 am watching Adult Swim. Until you lose consciousness. Some actions have consequences. This play has a puppet.