Alternative Canon: A Sacrilegious Romp


Alternative Canon: A Sacrilegious Romp by Erin Proctor

"Serving Ancient City Style. Alternative Canon takes the Book of Genesis and flips it on its head by asking: What if God made contact with Sarah first instead of Abraham? Complete with tiny girlbosses, deities that transcend gender, and pillars of salt; this campy comedy will show you what really goes into the nitty gritty of Intelligent Design. " - Proctor

"This queering of the canon is only one of Proctor's brilliant moves in her deconstruction of the "conventional" biblical narrative. This approach also allows the characters to comment on modern sexual politics with lines like "I forgot how hot the bare minimum is," or to be shocked that people are "capitalizing off religion now" as if it weren't a cornerstone of the system. [...] Yet while it may not have answers to the fundamental uncertainties of human existence, what this play does have in spades is humor, inventiveness, and spunk. Lack of conventional props and other resources ultimately work to the advantage of the piece and actors as it all becomes part of the play's cheeky, metafictional fun. [...] I certainly wish more conventional companies and venues were willing to experiment with material this provocative and insightful..." - Ilana Jael, South Florida Theatre Magazine