The Race of the Ark Tattoo


The Race of the Ark Tattoo by W. David Hancock

"The Race of the Ark Tattoo takes place inside a working flea market run by Mr. P. Foster, who is selling the artifacts of his deceased foster father, Mr. Homer Phinney. As the audience shops in the flea market, they discover that each object offers its own story, and Foster will tell us some of those stories." - Hancock

After two weeks of performances, the run of  "The Race of the Ark Tattoo" was an all around success in our mission of receiving donations for the people of Camillus House. We collected over 400 donations of canned goods/non-perishables!

All photos of Israel Garcia in "The Race of the Ark Tattoo" Photographed by Juan Gamero

"Izzy Garcia is giving the best performance and you only have one more week to see it. He is the only actor in Race of the Ark Tattoo. The theater looks like a mess. It does not even look like a theater--it looks like an eviction. But you realize as the show goes on how precise the design is. And Izzy's performance is just as precise. It feels casual at first because he talks to the audience. Not pretend talk to the audience, but real talk to the audience. Everything seems so off-hand, but at every step of the way he has crafted something truly moving. The text is poetic and oblique, but Izzy makes it all feel immediate. You laugh while you are in the theater, then cry in your car after. The direction by Brandon Urrutia is so self effacing that you might not even notice it. If feels like some guy in a bar is just telling you a story, so you might not notice the staging. But the odd ways that Izzy handles objects and ends up on top of chairs and down on the ground--none of that happened by itself. The show does not have all the usual bells and whistles of Miami immersive theater. But you are thoroughly immersed. It is pretty rare to go to the theater and feel like something is really happening, spontaneously, right there in front of you. But it feels like that with this show."  - Michael Yawney, South Florida Theatre League President